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Time to do up a split turkey breast with a new rub and injected marinade. This sage rub imparted such an awesome flavor on the surface of the breast.
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You can inject marinades into smoked meat to keep it tender, moist and full of flavor. The slow smoking process has a tendency to dry out most cuts of meat. Marinade.
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Here are some of the best recipes for making a turkey marinade to inject into a turkey deep fried or not.
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Grilling, Deep Frying and Smoking Recipes for all cuts and kinds of Turkey. These are the best turkey recipes you'll find for when you're not using the oven.
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Smoked Turkey Breast. Ingredients: One Turkey Breast (we used a 7 lb. breast in this recipe), thawed. Butterball Buttery Creole Injection Marinade
Hickory Smoked Turkey, Honey Glazed & Steamed in Citrus Marinade.
Mix marinade ingredients together in a bowl. Dip meat slices into marinade. Place dipped meat in layers in a bowl or dish. Pour remaining marinade sauce over meat.
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This is the BEST method for making smoked turkey. Complete turkey smoking instructions describe how to smoke a turkey with excellent results, from buying to .
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SMOKED TURKEY BREAST From Bassman Brine Ingredients Per Gallon Of Water: 1 gallon of water (use as many as it takes to completely cover bird, deep plastic bucket.
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I have been playing with this recipe for awhile, and I know it's is too late for the holidays this year, but there's always next year, and it's good for fried or.
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Introduce a new level of flavor and moistness to smoked turkey when you inject the bird with a mix of water, salt and spices. Use a turkey injector with a big needle.